Scholarship Program Launches

Barefoot Seeds’ Las Guacamayas Scholarship Program provides scholarships for young Raramuri athletes who have demonstrated the desire to continue their education and participate in sports. Our board of advisors selects 5-6 students per year to live dormitory style at Rancho Las Delicias in Urique, Chihuahua, Mexico. Our goal is to support their involvement in school, support their cultural traditions and provide opportunity to participate in indigenous races in the Sierra Madre and ultra trail races in Mexico and other countries.

The students share household responsibilities, participate in Barefoot Seeds farming programs, compete in races, and share in the family atmosphere o...Read More


Arnulfo’s team wins traditional ball-kicking race

Each year, Barefoot Seeds helps organize and support a Tarahumara rarajipari and ariweta — traditional team ball-kicking and ring-throwing races. Women toss a hoop ahead of them with a stick as theyrun; men kick a heavy wooden ball as they run, often for 100 miles or more.

Last weekend, the fourth annual Race of the Light Feet rarajipari/ariweta was held in Urique. Below is a race report from our project manager and race organizer in the canyons, Mickey Mahaffey:

The mens’ rarajipari race ended at near midnight on Sunday after 17 laps and 119 kilometros (74 miles). The Batopilas team crossed the finish line together: Arnulfo Quimare, Silvino Cubesare, Florencio Qui...Read More


Tarahumara scholarships

Barefoot Seeds offers $1,000 student-athlete scholarships each year to young Tarahumara. The scholarships support the cost of school, including tuition, books, clothing, uniforms, food, and lodging. Scholarships also cover passports and travel to races.

Two 2013 scholarship recipients are 16-year-old Silvestre Rascon and his 13-year-old sister, Catalina Rascon. They are indigenous Tarahumara from the Porochi region of the Copper Canyons who excel both as students and as runners. Catalina recently won the Cerocahui 60K Ultra Trail Race.


Barefoot Seeds ofrece $ 12000 pesos por año a jovenes tarahumaras (estudiantes- atletas). Las becas cubren costos de es...Read More


The old ball game

It was the second most amazing athletic performance I had ever witnessed, and though I was in Mexico’s Copper Canyons with the Tarahumara, it had nothing to do with barefoot running.

I was waiting for Arnulfo—yes, that Arnulfo, the huarache-clad Tarahumara runner featured in the bestselling book Born to Run. The most successful Tarahumara athlete of all time lived in a one-room, mud-brick adobe hut, where he and five others shared a single bed and open-fire stove. In the ox-plowed fields outside his hut, stubbles of corn stalks clattered in the dry wind. A wiry goat bleated.

Arnulfo was hauling water from a nearly dry spring two miles down the canyon. While waiting...Read More


Seeds of hope

This winter, Barefoot Farm has worked with Tarahumara farmers in Mexico’s Copper Canyons to grow out ancestral varieties of corn and bean seeds. Thousands of pounds of seed is being harvested and stored for the Tarahumara. The indigenous farmers grew the seed themselves and were paid for their labor. Now their hard work will provide food security for their families and entire communities.

We will continue to grow our seed banks in other parts of the canyons and include even more Tarahumara farmers in our work. We also plan to assist with better water storage, conservation, and irrigation for Tarahumara farmers facing another season of crippling drought.

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Barefoot Seeds in Sports Illustrated

A story about Barefoot Seeds’ work with the drought-imperiled Tarahumara of Mexico’s Copper Canyons appears in this week’s issue of Sports Illustrated. You can read it here. More


View our Seed Banks

Want to seed what our seed growout farms look like? Here is a short three-minute video featuring our seed bank in Urique.

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Watch a new documentary about the Tarahumara

Dana Richardson and Sarah Lentz have spent years with the Tarahumara. Last summer, they visited Barefoot Seeds Executive Director Will Harlan. His interview appears in their film, GOSHEN, which reveals how the Tarahumara tribe's ancient diet and active lifestyle can not only transform your personal health and fitness, but may be the key to preserving Tarahumara culture as well. It is the best documentary ever made about the Tarahumara and captures their lifestyle and beliefs better than anything yet produced. You can watch the film for free right here: